Character Page

Estvan Pic

Estevan Vasquez is a widowed olive farmer. Persuaded by his father, he agrees to hide the princess when his father hears of a plan against her. He retired from adventuring after his wife perished during an expedition. 

High Councilor Vasquez was a close friend and advisor to the king. He serves as the princess' mentor. He is accident-prone and enjoys teasing his son Estevan.


Princess Jacquilyn is the High Councilor's protege. She was expected to succeed her father's position in Mindon.


Lietenant Victoria DeCampos is the princess' bodyguard. She does not trust many people beyond the princess and the high councilor.


Duke Medrick claims his uncle, the king, did not respect his father and held a grudge against him. He believes he has a better vision for the advancement of the Mindon Kingdom. He is a large man who does very little physical activity and enjoys eating.

Councilor Diaz

Councilor Diaz is Medrick's trusted advisor. He is a very nervous, twitchy man, who has a drinking problem.


Andres Vasquez is an Espan knight sent to locate and return the Libro Malum.


Trinidad is accompanying Andres on his quest to locate the Libro Malum.

K'ra leader

J'huk is an egotistical, opportunistic warrior chief who leads a band of nomadic barbarians, known as the K’ra. He is very intellegent, which has helped him advance in the K'ra ranks, but he is often frustrated as the others around him are not very bright. 


Soto is a witch exiled to the Cursed Isle for practicing the forbidden dark arts.