Comic 130 - Summon 6.19

20th Apr 2015, 12:00 PM in Summon
Summon 6.19
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ChilPhil 16th Apr 2015, 7:32 PM edit delete
I had fun distorting the black phantoms while they are traveling.

The last panel took a long time to do. Mainly because I redid it, changing the angle of it. I'll try to do better planning on the next pages to save me time.
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Call Me Tom 20th Apr 2015, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
Call Me Tom

Sorry I've gone into Evil Dead mode!
ChilPhil 20th Apr 2015, 12:56 PM edit delete reply
That movie is awesome!
dpat57 20th Apr 2015, 2:43 PM edit delete reply
I'm hearing a lot of spooky voices crying out "Noooooooooo!"
ChilPhil 20th Apr 2015, 2:57 PM edit delete reply
Yes, that would be totally fitting. It would be much better than my plans of having voices whining, "But I don't wanna go home!" :)
dougwarner59 6th May 2015, 6:00 PM edit delete reply
wow, this comic has a lot of action going on! love it.
ChilPhil 10th May 2015, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
Thanks. This page took a long time to do. I revised it multiple times. I had sound effects in it too, but to me I could not get them to look right, it made the page too busy, so I opted to remove them.
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